rind cheese shop hammond, la

Hammond Cheese Shop Adds Flavor to Tangipahoa Parish

Ahhhh… Cheese.

hammond cheese shop

It’s one of the few things in life that bring instant happiness to most people. I equate it to the same twinge of joy you feel seeing a laughing baby, a sleepy puppy, or a double rainbow. Plus, cheese makes everything better… macaroni (and cheese), broccoli (and cheese), wine (and cheese). So, what’s even better than cheddar? How about a family owned, specialty cheese shop, located right here in Hammond, America, offering more than fifty specialty cheeses from around the world designed specifically to tantalize your taste buds!

Needless to say, we at the Tangi Review, yearned to learn from Hammond’s newest cheese queens regarding the in’s and out’s of this new boutique food shop. We quizzed Ashley Pecquet and Lori Lucas, co-owners of The Rind Cheese Shop & Catering, to get the squeeze on cheese. (more…)

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tangipahoa water

Boil Orders Issued Across the Tangipahoa Parish Region

             A break in one of the main water supply pipes in the Tangipahoa Parish area has led to issues for many neighborhoods across the Parish. Though the issue is mostly affecting the water pressure coming through, it is still a safety precaution to ensure that any harmful bacteria and particles are boiled away before using for your standard day to day needs.  This includes cooking, washing and more. Ensuring that you are keeping your water safe will go a long way to ensuring your overall health. (more…)

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