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Tangipahoa Parish may not be listed on a tour guide map as the first place to visit as you make your way through Louisiana and the Florida Parishes, but to us, it’s home and home is a place that we cherish. When it comes to being able to share the attractions, benefits and news of this area, we take it as our duty to bring to light all the things that make this place one of the best places in the country, even if our opinion may be biased. Hidden between the marshlands and the railroad tracks are hundreds of thousands of stories, intersecting lives, and the news that’s important to them.

When trying to find information on our slice of the state of Louisiana, we understand that it can be somewhat difficult.  Even worse is trying to find any information on a specific topic, such as recommendations on restaurants and businesses in the area.  This is where we hope to change things for the better, by publishing our reviews of businesses as often as possible. We aim to bring a central location to the residents and visitors of this area, that they can rely on for relevant and impactful news, stories and information.

From businesses in the area to natural attractions, we want to assist in bringing more awareness to our home.  Our goal is to reinvigorate the excitement of our fellow residents while providing information to those traveling through, so that they may have the opportunity to get the best impression of what life is like in our neck of the woods.