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At Tangi Review, our goal is simple.  We’re dedicated to bringing a central source of honest, unbiased community reviews and information right to your monitors while providing a plethora of information about the small Tangi towns we all know and love. Whether you’re a local lifer, born and raised in Tangipahoa Parish, or a traveling tourist passing through. We welcome you to the Tangi Review.

With a focus on local business, you can still rely on us to be your central source of news across the Parish, providing the community with diverse stories, both big and small.  We understand how difficult it is to gather the information you’re looking for in one location, often needing to rely on different sources across multiple websites, local papers and more. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to centralize the information, bringing highlights of stories in our town to one spot.  We are proud locals who have been in the area most of our lives, and the love that we share for our Parish has led us to brainstorming ideas on how we can share that passion and dedication to our region. Our writing, our focus on local information, and our community insights should give you the means to figure out your plans for the day, evening, or even entire weekend.  We deliver these stories in an attempt to draw your attention to something new, and to give you the chance to discover special things about Tangipahoa Parish that might have gone unnoticed.


Want Your Business Highlighted?

Interested in Sponsoring Our Small Business Series?

If as a business owner you’ve found yourself struggling with ideas on how to generate more interest in your business, then perhaps the review service we bring can be the right choice for you. Our goal is to provide the Tangipahoa area with a trusted local site that they can count on for quality reviews, bringing more attention and interest to either your business or the businesses of acquaintances that you may wish to support.

Our services aren’t just reserved for your standard restaurants and bars either.  Ultimately, we want to have a quality review of almost every business in the city. From museums to art workshops, online services and more, we plan on encompassing the entire business community that calls Tangipahoa Parish their home. In choosing to accept our review offer, you can be sure that we bring you a fair and unbiased point of view, reviewing your business on merit and honesty. We don’t show favoritism, or lean towards businesses that happen to provide more in the review process. During our initial brainstorming sessions, we knew that to be a reliable source of information, we had to approach every review on a level playing field.  Thus far,  that’s exactly what we have done. We don’t want to spark competitions or one-upmanship.  We want to highlight what is already here and already available to the people who live in and visit the area. We want to get people excited to get out there and explore all that the Tangipahoa Parish area has to offer.

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