tangipahoa water

             A break in one of the main water supply pipes in the Tangipahoa Parish area has led to issues for many neighborhoods across the Parish. Though the issue is mostly affecting the water pressure coming through, it is still a safety precaution to ensure that any harmful bacteria and particles are boiled away before using for your standard day to day needs.  This includes cooking, washing and more. Ensuring that you are keeping your water safe will go a long way to ensuring your overall health.

When water pressure is lost in any of the water main lines there is the chance that filtration isn’t working to its full potential, allowing many forms of bacteria and more to come to rest in your home’s water. If the loss of pressure is due to a crack or break in the main line, then there’s also the chance that any lifeforms in the ground directly surrounding the water pipes could also make their way inside. By issuing a boil advisory, the Parish is looking out for the health and well-being of the community by ensuring extra precautions are taken to prevent this.

Across the Tangipahoa Parish area, we know that our lives and the water around us usually have issues with one another.  We face flooding, marshlands and more each year.  Dealing with the effects that the water systems around us can have is just another day in the life. Yet for those visiting the area, spreading the word to ensure the safety of all is important. Restaurants in the area may face a little delay in their services as they take the necessary steps to ensure safe food preparation for anyone visiting.


Though this can seem like an event that will turn off the appeal of the Parish, it’s important to remember that these types of issues happen everywhere, all the time, and are usually fixed within a day or two. Our water systems crews are hard at work ensuring that we have the proper repairs brought to these vital areas of our infrastructure, and soon life will be back to normal. Yet in the meantime, following these precautions is the easiest and most efficient means of ensuring that you have the knowledge that the water you use daily is still safe to do so with.

If you’re planning on heading out to any of the local restaurants in the area, give yourself a little extra time, and remember that it’s due to ensuring that your food is safe and that you can eat in confidence. In the Tangipahoa area, you can be sure that whenever issues such as these arise, that the community comes together to ensure that everyone has the means to information, the steps needed to be safe, and to provide care for one another. Keeping everyone safe is our ultimate priority, and following these guidelines will give you the means to do so for yourself as well.