hammond, la businesses

            Across the Tangipahoa landscape you will find many small businesses and chains dotting the sides of our main and side streets. This is in part due to local efforts in bringing more to the area, but also due to the businesses in question starting to learn a little more about what life in Tangipahoa entails. Though we may have a reputation as a sleep stop along the railway, there are many hidden gems and natural beauties in place to keep people’s attention once it’s garnered.

From the specific attraction of the marshlands, the strong community ties, and the relatively stable housing market, there are many benefits to choosing this area as your business home, and more companies across the market are starting to realize that. With advancements in our education system, winners of many awards are coming out of our school.  We have the benefit of maintaining proximity to all the major cities without having to deal with actually living in one full time.   There are many aspects to the smaller community life that have been a powerful draw for even large chains stationed around the county.

For those of us who already live here, it’s no secret.  We have understood the draw of the Tangipahoa Parish area for most of our lives, and have had good reason for being here as long as we have. For those new to the community though, this is a learning experience, and a chance to find out what has been hiding in upper Louisiana for all these years. This is one of the goals of Tangi Review as well, to bring that

awareness and to have businesses present themselves in the best light for the community members and visitors to the area to explore in depth.

With newer and bigger businesses calling Tangi home, there can only be a brighter future in store. With more options locally, that means more money invested back in our community, which in turn allows us to better our own environment, bringing more attraction and even more business. Who knows what the future of the area will bring, but in the steps taken in the aftermath of Katrina, any positive news that directly impacts our community is always to be looked at with anticipation and hope, not to mention the added benefit of simply having more to choose from in our direct area.

We have always known the attraction of the region, as citizens.  There has always been a mystique that has drawn and captured us, and to share that feeling with more people and businesses who aim to experience it, you can be sure that the future looks bright ahead. We at Tangi Review look forward to being able to bring you all the information and reviews on these new up and coming businesses, which hopefully encourages you to get out there and check them out yourself. Supporting our community should always be our main goal, and one step at a time we drive into tomorrow with aspiration.