hammond coffee shop

            Across the country the news has been dominated with stories of issues between cops and the citizens they protect.  No matter which side of the thin blue line you lie on, the services of these individuals in our area are necessary. Unfortunately, in most cases, their extreme benefits are overshadowed by stories of the wrongdoings of a select few. The Tangipahoa area police department looks to lessen the tension with an informal meet and greet with locals over coffee.

The event promises to be one without any agendas, or ulterior motives. The goal is for members of the community to sit down with our local sheriff and his deputies over a cup of coffee to discuss the events of the community, how they’re handling local issues and, more importantly to hear back from the members of the area on any concerns they may have. They also are striving to get a better idea of where relations stand within the community. The two hour meet and greet will be primarily hearing from the locals on their issues and how the sheriff’s department can help.

With the state of relationships between cops and the community going sour across the country, it’s good to see our local boys in blue stepping up to humanize the situation and provide the feedback that the community is looking for. It may not serve to change the state of things in one afternoon, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. We applaud the responsibility that our local area police are taking on changing things, and perhaps meeting them part way can be the pivotal movement we need, at least in our own slice of Louisiana.


With the crime that seems to be always on the increase in small towns across America, we need to band together as a community more than ever to provide betterment for all. Having a police force on which we can rely in our times of need will always be important. We at Tangi Review suggest taking part in the event, especially if you have concerns. We encourage you to voice your concerns. After all, we’re all in this together, and we need to be a strong community now if we ever have plans of being a stronger community in the future.