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            It can be hard sometimes to remember that in today’s day and age there are still sections of the world where the advancement of women is stifled by the men of the community. Even in our own state and our own country, we have had an uphill climb when it came to recognizing women for their immense value in every aspect of our lives.   Only a short few generations ago, having a woman as a CEO of a company would have been a ludicrous thought, but we have thankfully advanced past that line of behavior.

One of the means in which you can truly see the impact that women have been having across all aspects of life is through the Annie awards, a celebration of the excellence that women have displayed across the workforce.  The Tangipahoa Parish area is proud to play host once again for the first time in ten years. Looking across the roster of nominees, you can see the improvement that we have made when it comes to giving women the ability to walk their rightful paths in life.

From a judge, to a principal, and even an 80-year-old volunteer coordinator recently diagnosed with cancer, these women are the pinnacle of any measure of value regardless of gender.  We feel it a necessary highlight to specifically showcase the advancement of women, and the capabilities that have been held back by those in charge for so long, and continues to be in certain areas of the world, even though continual demonstrations of capability and excellence live around us every day.

To those in the areas which this still affects women on a day to day basis, we hope that recognizing these role models show you that by holding back half your population, you can only make half the progress. By allowing women to step up and be heard, and to make an impact on your communities you are embracing and pursuing local growth. Without the involvement of the nominated women this year, hundreds of lives would have been impacted in totally different means, and who knows how many stories across the community would have been told differently?

We at the Tangi Review celebrate the women who have gone above and beyond in our community, those who have been a driving force for positive change, and who haven’t conformed to the antiquated ideas of gender norms. We need all of our community working together to ensure that we stay strong, that we advance, and that we have all the opportunities possible laid out before us, whether we are men or women. We are proud to be the host of this event, and to continue giving everyone in the community the means to succeed, through their own merit and skills, improving many lives in the process.