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Annie Awards Recognize Women in Tangipahoa Parish

            It can be hard sometimes to remember that in today’s day and age there are still sections of the world where the advancement of women is stifled by the men of the community. Even in our own state and our own country, we have had an uphill climb when it came to recognizing women for their immense value in every aspect of our lives.   Only a short few generations ago, having a woman as a CEO of a company would have been a ludicrous thought, but we have thankfully advanced past that line of behavior. (more…)

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hammond coffee shop

Coffee with Cops Looks to Bridge the Gap

            Across the country the news has been dominated with stories of issues between cops and the citizens they protect.  No matter which side of the thin blue line you lie on, the services of these individuals in our area are necessary. Unfortunately, in most cases, their extreme benefits are overshadowed by stories of the wrongdoings of a select few. The Tangipahoa area police department looks to lessen the tension with an informal meet and greet with locals over coffee. (more…)

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