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"What a tremendous opportunity this provides to both business owners and the community!"
ASHLEY PECQUET, The Rind Cheese Shop & Catering

What Does the Small Business Spotlight Include?
A Small Biz Spotlight article is editorial coverage of a local small business, offering inspiration and education for other business owners.  Our team profiles your small business so your peers and local residents can better connect with your story and offerings!
Businesses based in Tangipahoa Parish with 50 employees or less are eligible for a featured Business Spotlight
There is NEVER a fee to share your story with the community or be featured in our Small Business Spotlight.
Once your information is submitted, we will contact you within 24 hours to provide more details!
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2018 Tangiphoa Business of the Year
But that's not all!  One of our participants will be chosen as the Tangi Review Business of the Year based on popular vote. Will that be your business? Share your story today!
Local Sponsor Support
The Tangipahoa Parish Small Business Initiative is made possible with the help of a number of local sponsors. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsporing an upcoming small business series.