hammond student physicals

Free Physicals for Student-Athletes

Imagine the hassle of trying to get almost 1,000 student-athletes in the Tangipahoa Parish area the necessary physical examinations in one day. Yet for the North Oaks Sports Medicine staff, it’s just another day out of the year. In fact, it’s their twenty-sixth time bringing this service to the students in the area. Their free physical service is something looked forward to not only by the students, but the faculty, coaches and parents who are also actively involved in ensuring their health and safety as they take to the various fields. (more…)

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EDUCATION CORNER: Local Student Receives National GIS Attention

The Tangipahoa Parish area is proud to be the home of the only student from Louisiana to be selected for the GIS Leadership team, a national contest recognizing students for their advancements in the Geographic Information Systems Institute.  The GISI is a local study on the effects of geography and the influences that external forces can have on it. The project in question garnering all the attention right now is a local high school student’s study of the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the crime statistics in our area of Louisiana, trying to get an impression on the lingering effects of our past disaster. (more…)

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options hammond, la

Captain Tasty Treats Treating Local OPTIONS

Working with the disabled can be a rewarding job, and one of the reasons why many OPTIONS have chosen to be a part of this lifestyle. For the participants of the program though, it can feel like it’s all part of the daily routine, which is why when the unexpected arrives at the door, it can seem like a holiday to them. This was the environment down at the local OPTIONS campus today as local ice cream vendor Captain Tasty Treats showed up with his ice cream truck full of free goodies for the participants and workers. (more…)

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hammond, la businesses

More Openings for Business in Tangipahoa

            Across the Tangipahoa landscape you will find many small businesses and chains dotting the sides of our main and side streets. This is in part due to local efforts in bringing more to the area, but also due to the businesses in question starting to learn a little more about what life in Tangipahoa entails. Though we may have a reputation as a sleep stop along the railway, there are many hidden gems and natural beauties in place to keep people’s attention once it’s garnered. (more…)

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